Chicago senior Afr Amer male teaches FOR FREE any fellow Afr Amer male, over age 30 up to age 60, whom has visited Black Africa out of the US, a minimum of two times, what steps to take to establish a solid financial foundation for one's US family and extended family first, nationwide. Then how to use such to reconnect to one's centuries-old disconnected, extended bloodlines inside of Black Africa. -First half of my mentorship can be done, regarding financial education, 100%. The second half of my mentorship, reconnecting to one's ROOTS...ethnic group, clan and direct relatives in Black Africa, is over 50% possible. Have I done so for myself? Yes, in the Summer of 1975, at age 23. -So only contact me if you meet requirements listen prior. None others will I entertain. Thank you



  Black African Global Family Ressurection Consultantcy
Field Work


State St and Van Buren
Chicago, Illinois