Shaddowryderz Army #fanclubs
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Shaddowryderz Army #fanclubs

Introducing: "ShaddowRyderz Army (SRA) Somewhat like Spotify, Netflix and Amazon, ShaddowRyderz Army provides members with a superior way to enjoy music, videos and other online entertainment. Fused with an excitingly accessible element, SRA can also enrich fans monetarily through a special peer-to-peer sharing initiative. With ShaddowRyderz Army, which comes at two different membership levels; fans can listen to his collaborative work, such as the new hit ?Just Keep It,? featuring Queen Ro. ----Gain highly desirable perks; such as: - early access to all of his events - meet-and-greet opportunities - streaming video and audio - access to the SRA Worldwide community - connections to the JDM Car Culture - and downloads.----SRA is a single platform which gives fans the ability to make money by telling their friends. SRA amounts to a platform of personal fan-musician relationship+profit-sharing+multi-level peer-to-peer sharing+the JDM Car Culture = wealth building. Just like music fans, those who participate in the JDM Car Culture are able to meet each other. --


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