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Lavish Molar .com

About Lavish Molar Co. Lavish Molar is a Personal Jeweler company specializing?in completely custom gold and diamond grillz. Lavish Molar's luxury in home service has taken the jewelry?industry by storm opening a new door in ways to serve the customer. With a luxury service centered in?the?comfort?of?the?consumers?home. ?Lavish?Molar?has made an intense?effort to perfect?protocol?in training and employee?experiences?to ensure details in customer satisfaction. Lavish Molar's unbeatable?turnaround of?5 hours on solid gold pieces and an?excellent?Quality Assurance Program that ensures no corners will be cut. Your?gold?will?be?stamped?with?karat,? Lavish?Molar?logo,(above illustration)?delivered on time?and?tested twice with paper?work. To easily schedule your own luxury in home service appointment with Lavish Molar or if you have any questions?call?(936) 668-0453 or fill out the?Schedule?an?Appointment?Today?form?below. Open Mon-Sat and all holidays.?


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525 North Sam Houston parkway ste: 350
Houston, Texas 77060